Wisdom Teeth Surgery Consultation Video

Some Common Reasons To Remove Wisdom Teeth

  • Active or prior history of jaw pain in the area of the wisdom teeth.
  • Radiating, atypical facial pain over the temple, cheeks.
  • Constant pressure in the jaw angles and sinuses.
  • Infection in the area of wisdom teeth
    • Jaw tightness, difficulty to open the mouth, swelling under the jaw, pain on swallowing.
    • In worse cases, there may be signs of drooling, and difficulty to breathe.
  • Lack of arch space to correct dental crowding can make an orthodontist refer their patients for removal of wisdom teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth which remain impacted are covered by "Follicle" which is a sac like structure.
    • Follicle, or Dental Sac, has cells which are very capable of changing into Cysts or Tumor.
    • Cysts or Tumors around Impacted Wisdom teeth can grow quite large and all these changes can happen without any symptoms over a long period of time.

General Questions Before Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Do not eat or drink for 8 hours before your wisdom teeth surgical appointment, if the surgery is under General Anesthesia. For surgery performed only under Local Anesthesia, there is no need to fast.

Wear loose clothes with short sleeves. It is important to have access to the arms for the placement of an IntraVenous line prior to performing the wisdom teeth surgery under General Anesthesia.

For most Oral Surgery procedures including wisdom teeth surgery, patients do not have to stop their home medications, including "Blood Thinners". Abrupt discontinuation of home medications, can result in a serious health risk. Take all your home medications as discussed during your consult with Dr Mogre.

Wisdom teeth surgery takes approximately 45-60 minutes, so inform your escort of the wait involved.

If you have an active throat or lung infection, we may reschedule your surgery, due to anesthesia risks. It is best to avoid elective surgery, when patient are recovering from a cold/flu etc. All you have to do, is call us, and we will be happy to reschedule your surgery.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled wisdom teeth or oral surgery appointment. This is required for your check in prior to the surgery.

General Questions After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

It is normal for swelling and pain after wisdom tooth surgery, to progressively get worse, for the first 3 days. Apply ice externally to the face, for up to 48 hours after your wisdom teeth surgery, to minimize swelling and pain.

Bite on the gauze (placed directly over the wisdom teeth surgical wound) to hold pressure. This should stop the bleeding in the next few hours. You may change the gauze every 40-45min if necessary. Moist tea bags can also be used instead of the gauze. Avoid vigorous rinsing, gentle rinsing before bed, is OK.

We recommend a soft diet, preferably cold or warm, for 48 hours (soups, milk shakes, eggs, baked fish etc). This will make it easy to maintain the wounds in the wisdom teeth surgery site.

Sometimes after General Anesthesia there may be events of nausea or vomiting, which usually are self limiting. We encourage drinking plenty of fluids (Gatorade etc.) to replenish the lost fluids.

Maintain good oral hygiene (gentle brushing and rinsing after 24hrs) and use the irrigating syringe as advised. These are very important steps, to prevent food from collective over the wisdom teeth surgical wounds. Bacterias thrive on such an environment, and the risk of infection after wisdom teeth surgery rises in a setting of poor oral care.

Do not perform strenuous activities after your wisdom teeth surgery. This will result in rebleeding in the surgical areas, higher chances of bruising, swelling and post surgical infection from hematomas/blood clots. Do not drive or operate a vehicle while taking narcotic pain medications.

There is an increased risk of dry socket after wisdom teeth surgery and slower healing in Smokers. Smoking in general, is not good for your health, and long term risks are heart disease, cancer etc. You have discontinued the habit as a part of your recovery, it is best to not start it.

Please, do not hesitate to call us. We are always available for our patients.